Trade Alerts

Receive weekly trade alerts (Trade notifications). These alerts are sent in our chat room and through sms to our exclusive members every time our team of analysts see the opportunity for a profitable trade in the market. Just copy/paste our trades into the MT4 platform and let them go to work for you.

Support Team

Our support team gives our members peace of mind by providing them answers to any questions they may have regarding the foreign exchange market. Have questions on how to execute a certain trade? need a hand with checking up on your analysis? want to know if certain news will affect the market? Our support team is there to answer these and many other questions for you. Our priority is your success.

Multiple Market Updates

Receive access to our weekly market analysis. We will analyze the market to keep you informed every week with the latest updates. We provide this service to save you countless hours of looking at your computer screen so this way you can get the most out of your day while we go to work for you.


Inside our online community you will be able to connect with other traders from all over the world and have access to the diamond membership services all in one place. Once inside the JP Traders community you will also qualify for amazing benefits that only our JP Traders students receive.

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Student Testimonials

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