JP Traders’ Refund Policy

We want you to be happy with your purchase from JP Traders. Our 30-day refund policy varies by product purchased. If you did not receive any of the following based on your purchase within 30 days; you may qualify for a full refund:

Diamond Membership

  • Access to trade alerts via Telegram group.

BOOST FX Program

  • Login credentials for BOOST FX
  • Thirty (30) Recorded Lessons
  • First month free Diamond Membership

Mentorship Package

  • Access to private one-on-one training with a mentor
  • Access to trade alerts via Telegram group

Crypto Gold Membership

  • Access to private Telegram group

Crypto Pro Course

  • Access to private Telgram group
  • Access to 18 recorded lessons

Any of the following services below that are purchased at a discounted price do not qualify for a refund under any circumstances. All purchases are final. 

  • Diamond Membership
  • Boost Fx Course
  • Mentorship Package
  • Crypto Gold Membership
  • Crypto Pro Course

If you haven’t received any of the above services yet or you would like a refund, please contact us at to resolve your issue.